Stone Canyon

A charming 1930’s vintage house in Stone Canyon.

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Old Agoura

"Our clients were interested in creating a comfortable family home that connected to the great tradition of American farmhouses," says architect Erik Evens. - November 2020, Luxe Interiors + Design Los Angeles.

Dume Drive

Situated on its site to embrace panoramic views of Santa Monica Bay to the south, the living spaces of this family home engage the landscape in a way that encourages daily living in the out-of-doors. Living and dining al fresco is a grand tradition in Mediterranean climes around the world, and is an important element of the lifestyle of coastal Southern California.

California Coastal Estate

When we first visited our client's property, a gently rolling, eight-acre parcel in a coastal region of Northern California, we were inspired by its pastoral beauty. Dotted with stately oaks, and nestled against a backdrop of verdant mountainside, the site and the locale reminded us of the hills of rural Tuscany.

Longfellow Drive

The Longfellow Drive residence draws inspiration from the beloved rural architecture of California.

Roxbury Residence

A dramatic reinvention of an existing estate in Beverly Hills, the Roxbury Residence pays homage to the gracious villas of rural Italy. 

Hermosa Beach House

This home, inspired by the architecture of the coastal Mediterranean regions, is a unique layering of elements: the romance of classic rural European style, blended with modern planning and the easy-going beach lifestyle.

John Street

Located on a hilltop in coastal Manhattan Beach, this Spanish Revival estate synthesizes a rich Southern California architectural legacy with a contemporary lifestyle. Our approach was clear and simple: envision an estate that was honest to its context, embodies the heart of an immediate family, and becomes a home for extended family members and friends alike.

35th and The Strand

This residence emerges clearly from a lineage of finely detailed, exuberant coastal houses of the American Northeast, yet the language of the architecture here has been fine-tuned for the California climate and lifestyle.

Howland Canal

Our design for the property embraces references to the original “builder’s craftsman” cottages of the early developments here, but using that architectural language to tell a story about modern lifestyle near the Southern California Beach.

Marlboro Road

A thorough immersion into the lifestyle of our clients, and a careful study of locale and site resulted in a residence thoughtfully connected to the rich tradition of the California Spanish Colonial Revival.

Players Club Drive

This Spanish house, in a community just outside Las Vegas, commands a sweeping vista of the Nevada desert and the distant city lights of the famous Strip.

Santa Monica Beach House

Located in a compact historic district immediately adjacent to the beach in west Santa Monica, this charming cottage is typical of the original houses in this seaside neighborhood. Our challenge was to bring the original delightful architecture back to life, and to amend the features of the house to reflect more modern tastes and lifestyle.

Landscape Design

At KAA Design Group, we approach our new projects by looking at the property as a canvas. A house and its gardens are not viewed as discrete elements, but rather as an integrated and seamless melding of indoor and outdoor spaces, places, and vistas.

Emerald Bay

Cascading gently down the hillside to the beach below, this home takes its inspiration from the coastal regions along both the Mediterranean and the Mexican Riviera.

House for a Numismatist

Our client's passion for American history, and the coinage of the American Revolution led him to a fascination with Thomas Jefferson, and ultimately, to a keen appreciation of neoclassical architecture.

Casa Adosada - A Design For Habitat For Humanity

Casa Adosada provides for Habitat for Humanity a single-family residential type that occupies a place in the rich and venerable continuum of the Spanish Colonial Revival in California.

The Strand

Traditional beach cottages and modern conceptions about the relationship between indoors and outdoors influenced the direction of the design. Although the language of architecture is firmly rooted in traditions of coastal estates of New England, there was an intentional break from the past when it came to the more contemporary plan layout and use of space.

Mi Sueño

The house known as "Mi Sueño", or "My Dream", was once the grand dame of the Pasadena Arroyo. Mi Sueño was a masterful re-interpretation of Spanish Baroque and Spanish Colonial architecture, conceived by famed architect Bertram Goodhue while he was the lead designer for the 1915 Panama-California Exposition, located in San Diego's Balboa Park.

Delfern Drive

This Holmby Hills estate features a beautiful existing Tuscan style main residence, accessory structures and gardens. Though well maintained, the property had lost much of its distinguished character over the years and our task was to rediscover the traditional charm that once existed there.

Selfridge Drive

It was the client’s love of a casual, outdoor living and his desire to create a home that evoked memories of classic midwestern farmhouses and barn structures that inspired this rustic residence. The site, a rambling yet gently sloping two-acre parcel with 270-degree views of the Pacific Ocean at the north end of Malibu created the perfect backdrop to build.

About Us

Our design philosophy is predicated on deep, meaningful connections between the house and the land. Southern California is blessed with a nurturing environment that provides extraordinary opportunities for true indoor-outdoor living. The homes we design fulfill that promise with beauty and joy.


Our Thinking

The Mediterranean in Southern California

Architecture inspired by great traditions of the Mediterranean region has a long, rich history in California. The fruits of this long lineage flavor the character of our cities and dot the surrounding hillsides. At KAA Design, we have often found the Mediterranean architectures to be a perfect fit for our clients wishing to build here.

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