This home, inspired by the architecture of the coastal Mediterranean regions, is a unique layering of elements: the romance of classic rural European style, blended with modern planning and the easy-going beach lifestyle of Hermosa Beach. The result is a family retreat that feels perfectly at home in the sun and the sea breeze of Southern California.

Located on the busy Strand, just steps from the sand, the house steps gracefully down the sloping parcel, resulting in a picturesque cascade of tile-roofed forms. The approach to the house is through a gracious and lushly planted courtyard, leading to the arched front door, and the vaulted entry hall. Just beyond is the spacious Great Room, which combines kitchen, dining and living accommodations within the sweep of a single uninterrupted space. The Living room features a dramatic vaulted beamed ceiling and tall arched steel windows and doors, framing the panoramic coastal views to the west. Broad sliding steel and glass doors can be thrown open wide, connecting the Great Room to the spacious, protected covered terrace and courtyard to the south, featuring fireplace and a plunge swimming pool. The palette is warm, sensuously textured, and classically European: antique timber ceilings, textured plaster walls, warm limestones and bleached hardwoods.

Guests are treated to discover in the bottom level the basement 'Ratskeller’ pub, with an enveloping vaulted ceiling rendered in antique terra cotta. This is the emotional center of the house - as Frank Lloyd Wright might have called it, a “good time place” where guests can enjoy a cold beverage, a rousing football game on the widescreen, and a fun afternoon with friends and family.

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Our design philosophy is predicated on deep, meaningful connections between the house and the land. Southern California is blessed with a nurturing environment that provides extraordinary opportunities for true indoor-outdoor living. The homes we design fulfill that promise with beauty and joy.


Our Thinking

The Mediterranean in Southern California

Architecture inspired by great traditions of the Mediterranean region has a long, rich history in California. The fruits of this long lineage flavor the character of our cities and dot the surrounding hillsides. At KAA Design, we have often found the Mediterranean architectures to be a perfect fit for our clients wishing to build here.

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