Principal Erik Evens lectures on a wide array of topics, and teaches for the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA).  Here are some recent offerings.


The Golden Age

This lecture is a celebration through photography of the Golden Age of American Yachting, 1880-1960, seen through the eye of an architect. "The Golden Age" focuses on the parallels between the great yachts and the great architecture of the era, and the personalities behind them, from the Vanderbilts to the Kennedys. At the heart of "The Golden Age" is an examination of the nature and importance of grand traditions in architecture, both naval and terrestrial.


Thoughts on the Geometry of Nature

Join Erik Evens for a dazzling trip into the fractal geometry of nature. Be ready to discover the stunning beauty resulting from simple, iterative mathematical processes, as Erik guides us on a glimpse of the important parallels between this abstract mathematical realm and the processes generating beautiful form in the natural world. Are we hardwired to appreciate beauty? Was there a time when our art and architecture resonated with the geometry of nature? Can we recapture that resonance? 

Introduction to the Classical Moldings
Part I
Part II

This three-hour intensive provides an introduction to understanding the use and rationale of the classical moldings. Moldings are the basic building blocks of classical buildings, the “atomic units” at the very heart of the classical language of architecture, and a working knowledge of moldings is the starting point for a thoughtful approach to design. Students of all abilities will find interest and value in this fast-paced introduction. They will learn to draw the classical moldings freehand, and will gain an understanding of their purpose and correct use, and how to employ them for greatest effect.

Whether the goal is to lay out a correct Doric column, or to design a beautifully embellished formal room, a practical understanding of the classical moldings and the rationale for their purpose and use is indispensable to the design practitioner.

Classical Primer II – Rule and Invention

Learning from the past does not mean living in the past! Join instructor Erik Evens for a fast-paced journey into the world of contemporary classicism. This two-hour class is a sequel to the popular Classical Primer. Expand your classical knowledge with a detailed examination of the classical language and how it can thoughtfully address our modern lifestyle. Explore how contemporary architects and designers are employing this language to seamlessly respond to how we live today. You've learned the rules, now explore how to inventively use them to meet your design challenges.


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