David Vazquez is a native Angeleno born and raised in Rosemead, California. Since grade school in 1992, Dave has had a longstanding interest in architecture. While on a family trip to Mexico City visiting relatives, he learned about his uncle’s thriving architecture practice. This inspiring experience motivated him to pursue a career in architecture.

Attending the undergraduate architecture program at the University of Southern California, Dave received his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2003. During his final year at USC, Dave served as a summer intern with the KAA Design Group galvanizing his passion for architecture. Since then Dave has been a full-time part of the KAA team for over 15 years.

Although USC’s architecture program is typically geared more towards Modernist design principles, Dave has had a fascination with classical and traditional architectural precedents. For him, the integration of proportion and ornamentation brings a stronger sense of unity to the final design absent in most contemporary projects today. Over the last five years as a senior project manager, Dave has managed numerous traditionally inspired projects in the Evens Architects portfolio.

Through ongoing extracurricular educational courses, Dave is also pursuing his ICAA Certificate, and recently completed the ICAA Southern California Regional Intensive at the Greystone Mansion.

Dave also enjoys playing softball and brewing beer with his buddies.

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Our design philosophy is predicated on deep, meaningful connections between the house and the land. Southern California is blessed with a nurturing environment that provides extraordinary opportunities for true indoor-outdoor living. The homes we design fulfill that promise with beauty and joy.


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The Mediterranean in Southern California

Architecture inspired by great traditions of the Mediterranean region has a long, rich history in California. The fruits of this long lineage flavor the character of our cities and dot the surrounding hillsides. At KAA Design, we have often found the Mediterranean architectures to be a perfect fit for our clients wishing to build here.

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