Evens Architects is proud to announce the promotion of John Margolis, AIA to Studio Director. We would like to recognize and thank him for his exemplary talent and leadership. Congratulations John!

Read our interview with John...

What inspired you to become an Architect?
My childhood home was a modest abode filled with abundant academic and artistic energy. My late father was a humanities professor at Boston University. He was passionate about the interconnection of music, art, architecture and literature, and my late mother was Masters graduate of history and dabbled in poetry. Together they fostered a vibrant intellectual backdrop for cultivating my long standing interest in architecture. My father taught me three point perspective early on in 1st grade. He often set up still life arrangements for me to draw too. So drawing was always an integral part of my early years.

I new from second grade that I wanted to be an architect. I loved the marriage of drawing and building. And while my home life was never a dull one, I imagined designing homes that were a serene refuge from the outside world - A unity of parts that fused the built-form and the landscape as one.

Where do you look for inspiration?
I have always been drawn to classical architecture - especially when my father taught me about the great monuments of Greece, Italy and France. It was not until my Masters education at Berkeley, that I really began to learn about the great architects of the classical language both ancient and current day.

Which accomplishments are you most proud of?
So far, I am most proud of some of my residential work back east - in particular my former home on the Atlantic. There I fully exercised designing the house and the garden as a unity. Still I am most proud of those projects which changed my clients outlook and quality of life. One such case was a renovation for my mother’s house in Andover, Massachusetts. It is not particularly rigorous or significant architecturally, but over three major renovations over thirty years, I transformed her half acre lot by integrating architectural and landscape refinements that created her own private Shangri-la. 

Can you describe your personal design philosophy?
I am intensely passionate about designs that bring all the elements of the site and the program together as a harmony of parts. I am drawn to classical precedents because it provides me with a humanistic palette from which to create site specific, but traditionally and regionally grounded designs.

What is your dream project?
My dream project includes a client who is very much engaged in the process of designing their home. While larger budgets would seem to be most desirable, those clients who have a challenging program and a great vision are really as important. The collaboration for creating something new - but derivative from architectural traditions carry the most meaning for me.

If you weren't an Architect, what would you be?
A landscape architect, a watercolor painter, or a teacher.

In your opinion, what is the best-designed place or item of all time?
I do not think I could ever list just one. I do have countless favorites. One such example might be Le Petit Trianon. I actually even prefer the earlier drawings where Ange-Jacque Gabriel had designed a smaller  - less grand - three bay plan instead of the 5 bay one we see today.

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