Introduction to Classical Moldings
Erik Evens, Instructor
Tuesday, January 21st, 6-9pm
KAA Design Group, 4201 Redwood Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90066 

This three-hour evening intensive provides an introduction to understanding the use and rationale of the classical moldings. Moldings are the basic buildings of classical buildings, the "atomic units" at the very heart of the classical language of architecture, and a working knowledge of moldings is the starting point for a thoughtful approach to design. Students of all abilities will find interest and value in this fast-paced introduction. You will learn to draw the classical moldings freehand, and will gain an understanding of their purpose and correct use, and how to employ them for greatest effect.

Whether your goal is to layout a correct Doric column, or to design a beautifully embellished formal room, a practical understanding of the classical moldings and the rationale for their purpose and use is indispensable to the design practitioner.

This class is a prerequisite for Classical Orders, Part 1 (Doric), Part 2 (Ionic) and Part 3 (Corinthian).

Students should bring a sketchbook, soft drawing pencils, and erasers. The notes taken in class, and the students' drawings of moldings will be used for reference during the subsequent classes covering the Classical Orders, for which this class is a prerequisite.

Tuition: (each session) $40 ICAA Members; $60 general public; 3 AIA Credits
Annual pass holders receive a 15% discount.

To register or for further details > [email protected] | (310) 396-4379 

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